She's Out Of My Fucking League

There's this fucking guy and this fucking girl. He's a fuck ugly loser - she's fucking hot and fucking successful. They fucking meet. They fucking like each fucking other and go out on fucking dates. His fucking friends are fucking assholes. Her fucking friend is a fucking cunt. They fucking tell him that she's too fucking hot for him, while she's fucking telling her that he's too fucking ugly for her. Some fucking time passes. They fucking start believing their fucking friends. They fucking break up. Then one of the fucking asshole friends realizes that no one's too fucking hot or too fucking ugly for anyone. If you fucking love each fucking other, nothing fucking else matters. He fucking tells them. They fucking kiss. Happy Fucking End. They say the word "fuck" a lot. But they don't fuck on the fucking screen or off the fucking screen. There's only fucking cum on fucking pants and fucking pubes on fucking balls. Do you have to fucking watch this fucking flick? If you fucking like the fucking word "fuck", you might fucking enjoy it a little fucking bit. If fucking not, fucking replace the fucking word "fuck" in this fucking text with fucking "smurf" and fucking decide for yourfuckingself. The fucking rest is fucking silence. Hallefuckinglujah!

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