Wenn Swinger alt werden

Vince: Hi Jon, it's me. What's up? You fuckin' money?
Jon: Hey Vince, no I'm not money; this blockbuster directing thing is really exhausting. I could use some serious relaxation time.
Vince: Yes, that's why I'm calling, I just talked to Kristen and she gave me a great idea for a big fucking vacation. It's gonna be fucking money!
Jon: Who the fuck is Kristen? You know, I never can keep track of who you're fucking this week.
Vince: Didn't I tell you about hitting Veronica Mars?
Jon: No, but kudos to that; she's a hot piece of ass, I have to admit.
Vince: You wouldn't believe how freaky she is, she totally gets off to atm and punching; she is so hungry for cock I can hardly keep up...but anyway, she was telling me about a comedy she did last year, where she spent a 3 month paid vacation on Hawaii. She just had to learn a few lines and dry hump this freak, and could spend the rest of the day getting tanned on the beach.
Jon: So you're telling me, I should take a role in a comedy that plays on a tropical island? That is fucking stupid, even for you, Vince!
Vince: No, no, I've thought about it, we write the screenplay, where we spend some time on a tropical island, pitch this shit to a studio, and get paid for writing, starring and sitting on the beach getting hammered all day.
Jon: I don't know, Vince, I don't wanna write a fucking beach comedy, I'm too exhausted.
Vince: Have you seen the summer comedies of the last few years? We can pull something out of our asses and make it PG-13, so nobody's gonna notice it's sucking ass big time. We write 3 or 4 pages of story and just fill the remaining 80 pages with childish sex jokes and ad libbing. It's gonna be number 1 - it's gonna be fucking money!
Jon: You know, this might work. Do you remember, when Faizon told me that everything's automatically funny, when you put a negro out of his normal environment? Sadly, "Niggers gone camping" was never made, but when we put him with us on the island, at least 40 pages are going to write themselves.
Vince: Now you're talking money, Jon. Now your talking fucking money!
Jon: So who of us is gonna take money for directing this piece of crap?
Vince: No, no - we hire a director who doesn't know shit, otherwise we won't get our cocks sucked on the beach for at least 18 hours a day.
Jon: You really put some serious thought into this. It's gonna be fucking money, let's do it.
Vince: Vegas, baby! Vegas!
Jon: Vegas!

You fucking cunt ass douchebags!

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  1. Da hst sich aber jemand Mühe gegeben, den Entstehungsprozess so authentisch wie möglich zu rekonstruieren...

    Wie schon an anderer Stelle gepostet: Dröge, konservativ, gagarm und oftmals sehr sehr peinlich diese 08/15-RomCom.


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